Venue and Transportation

Public Transportation in Lisbon

Airport to the City:
The most convenient way to travel from the airport to the city is by using the red line of the Metro. If you have heavy luggage and thus prefer to use Uber or another rideshare service, specific locations near the arrivals and departure entrances are designated. Taxis are available on both arrivals and departures, but we recommend using the latter. It's important to note that the airport has two terminals (Terminals 1 and 2), with all flights arriving at Terminal 1 and most low-cost flights departing from Terminal 2.

Getting to the Venue, Faculty of Sciences of the University of Lisbon:
The University of Lisbon is spread across various campuses, and the Faculty of Sciences is situated at the Campo Grande campus, near the northern part of the city.

Link to the location of the venue on Google Maps.

Several bus lines stop by the campus, and if you opt for buses, we recommend using Google Maps to identify the most suitable lines. However, from most parts of Lisbon, taking the Metro is quicker and more straightforward.

Two Metro lines, as depicted on the map on this page, have stops approximately 5 minutes' walk from the venue: the Yellow Line (Cidade Universitária and Campo Grande stations) and the Green Line (Campo Grande station). It takes about 20 minutes to get to the city center by Metro.

The fare for the trip (1.8 €) can be paid by swiping your bank card at the platform gates. Alternatively, you can save a little money using a prepaid card, available for purchase at 0.50 € from vending machines at Metro Stations. Top up these cards at the same machines with the corresponding amount for the intended number of trips (1.61 € per trip). Vending machines accept bank cards, coins, and bills. These prepaid tickets are also valid for use on buses in Lisbon. Tickets can be purchased from bus drivers but cost 2.10 €.

To walk from Campo Grande Metro station to the venue, exit through the marked "Campo Grande, Museu da Cidade" exit and proceed straight. Pass under a large road overpass and walk about 200 meters. The Faculty of Sciences will be on your right, easily identified by large blue panels indicating the building numbers. The conference is held in building C3, accessible through external stairs (see figure below).

You can get more detailed information on public transportation at various webpages, such as:

Lisbon Metro network. The red arrow indicates the location of the Faculty of Sciences of the University of Lisbon, where the conference takes place.

Campus of the Faculty of Sciences. The lines indicate the walking routes between the venue location and the Campo Grande Metro station (red) and Cidade Universitária Metro station (green).